About Us

When the morning calm of the peninsula comes flying down to the land of mystique... Could anything get more beautiful than that?

Belle Vous is more than just a name. It's an idea, a philosophy that we collectively gave life to, three years ago. 

The idea was born out of recognising a need in our community. The growing demand for KBeauty range of products among our close circle of friends and colleagues, made us take a step. With Korean products being the vogue, we decided why not get it into our own backyard. The move was purely driven by the idea that we are all beautiful. So why not celebrate it and take care of it, in the right way?

Accessibility. Affordability. Authenticity. This is what we want to deliver to our community. Belle Vous became the first-ever company in Sikkim to do that. We sometimes neglect taking care of ourselves and get lost in the rat race with no time to even apply a decent cream to maintain the integrity of our skin. What we've tried to achieve is to make products available to the masses so that they can take care of their skin troubles right from the comfort of their homes. 

At the end of the day, we're trying to solve a simple yet neglected problem–taking care of ourselves. We just want everyone out there to take a moment, step back, and give their skin what it deserves. It's not to enhance the beauty, it's to protect, cherish, and celebrate the beauty that's in all of us. So let's start a movement towards taking that moment. And it begins with two words: Belle Vous, Beautiful You!