Sensitive Skin

How Can You Identify Sensitive Skin?

  • Skin feels itchy and tight
  • Parts of your body have uneven texture
  • Becomes oily in summers
  • Gets dry in winters
  • Reacts to skincare
  • Becomes red after a hot water bath
  • Feels itchy while wearing tight clothes
  • Flushes easily after eating spicy food

Are Allergies The Same As Skin Sensitivity?

Allergies are more severe and can sometimes cause difficulty in breathing and nausea. If you are allergic to dust, it doesn’t necessarily mean your skin is sensitive.

In skincare, you may be allergic to a particular ingredient but your skin may not be sensitive. It may be able to adapt to other products that don’t contain that ingredient. However, if you have sensitive skin, your skin will most likely react to harsh chemicals and skin products.


sensitive skin

Tips For Sensitive Skin

1. Conduct A Patch Test

This is mandatory if you want to avoid your skin from reacting. Don’t use a product without testing it on your hand. Wait for 24 hours after the patch test. If your skin doesn’t react to it, go ahead and apply it to your face.

2. Don’t Overdo Your Skincare Routine

Buy a mild cleanser, moisturiser and sunscreen. Don’t apply too many products to your face.

3. Don’t Blindly Believe The “Hypoallergenic” Label

Products claiming to be “hypoallergenic” may not necessarily suit you. Conduct a patch test before applying these products as well.