Kiss, makeup, and change the world with ROM&nd……

The popularity of K-beauty has been making quite the buzz for quite some time in the world of the beauty industry now, from skincare to makeup its products have catered to umpteen beauty solutions with authentic results globally.

With the rise of K-Pop music and K-Dramas, Korean skincare and makeup brands have gained the vivid attention of young Indians in a quest to get glass skin tone and juicy tinted lips. 

Currently, we all are going gaga over the “less is more look” but, when it comes to finding the right Korean makeup products it’s quite a difficult choice.

We solely understand the tantrums thrown when your party is delayed in finding the right shade of lip tints or lipsticks and the dilemma in making the right choice between less brown and subtle pink. Well! we got you sorted with our latest Korean makeup products from rom&nd. Surely! beautyholics favorite Korean brand.

Our understanding of Korean Makeup

Make-up is an art of proportionate beauty that cannot be mastered in a day that’s why the right choice of products matters to bring out the texture and natural look that will suit your skin tone.

Since natural ingredients are also a critical part of the Indian beauty regime, Indians are quite keen to experiment with Korean beauty products.


Interesting Journey of ROM&nd?

South Korea-based cosmetics brand Rom&nd was founded with the input of celebrated Korean beauty influencer Saeron Min, commonly known as Gaeko.

Saerom Min is known for her stunning and transformative makeup techniques, quality ingredients, and rare colors giving rise to exclusivity and uniqueness.

Every product is very delicately made with a mission to help the world and women mature by connecting the women immersed in things they love to the world.

A dash of makeup with a whole lot of natural juicy colors is what you might be looking forward to in the end.

Sneak peek of its products

Lip tints & Lipstick - A lips to talk about

Eyes - All about those sparkling pair

Cheek- Cheeks that are not so pink yet pink

Face- Roman chic glow for your face