Buy Romand Makeup and Cosmetics in India 

The Korean make-up industry has become the new global craze. Shop your favorite Romand Makeup and Cosmetics Korean brand in India for your special day. 

Makeup and jewellery have a major significance in Indian tradition. For all our occasions, we love to flaunt our love for make-up matching our outfits. Thanks to the attention-grabbing K-dramas and K-pop music which has been setting a rave amongst modern Indians. The nation is happily riding the Hallyu (Korean wave) on all its occasions for both skincare and make-up. 

With the Korean beauty and makeup industry taking a storm in India, Romand is one such Korean make-up brand that has been making head-turners with its amazing shades of lipsticks and lip tints. Also, you can check out their unique shades of eyeshadow and blush from various popular websites in India.  If you wish to buy Romand Makeup and Cosmetics in India, there is no looking back. Capture the romantichic look for every occasion at its best. 

Romand Best Makeup and Skincare Product in India

1. Rom&nd Best Tint Edition
2. Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipsticks
3. Rom&nd Han All Brow Fixer
4. Rom&nd Better Than Cheek
5. Rom&nd Back Me Tone Up Cream
6. Rom&nd Glasting Water Gloss

1. Rom&nd Best Tint Edition

This is one true lip tint edition that can be suitable for all your occasions.  From traditional to Indo-Western, just one stroke is enough to knock all the men down. The Best Tint Edition Kit includes three mini tints specifically chosen for both warm and cool skin tones! Each kit includes two glossy Juicy Lasting Tints and one matte Zero Velvet Tint. If you wish to buy this cosmetic product in India, you can buy it from Bellevous, your one-stop k- beauty store for all Korean skincare and make-up.

2. Rom&nd Zero Matte Lipsticks

Romand's bestselling matte lipstick now comes in a new transparent design! Available in 20 colors under four categories (Nude, Red, Mood, and Live), each boasts a soft, lightweight texture that glides smoothly onto lips for a highly adherent finish. Buy this Romand essential lipstick from Bellevous, you can also check out our offline stores in Gangtok and Delhi.

3. Rom&nd Han All Brow Fixer

Regardless of how long it takes to get ready, most Indian women require last-minute touchups to complete their look. Give brows a quick adjustment with this brow fixer from Romand. The clear, long-lasting formula offers a natural matte finish without clumping or feeling sticky. Can also be used to fix baby hair. You can spot this product on our site. 

4. Rom&nd Better Than Cheek

With all the happiness from within adding to your glow, add a puff of this romantichic blush to add a twist to your smile. Rom&nd Better Than Cheek Blushes Featuring pastel-colored blushes inspired by dried fruits, this blush series helps to create a "my cheeks but better" look with natural hues and silky finishes, formulated with sweat and sebum-absorbing powder for a long-lasting, refreshing finish. Buy Romand Makeup and Cosmetics in India today from Bellevous.

5. Rom&nd Back Me Tone Up Cream

 We Indians are very fond of naturally made products, and Korean products have caught our attention because they formulate only plant-derived, organic, and vegan ingredients with natural preservatives with organic certifications, such as BDIH and COSMOS. Romand Tone Up cream, enriched with rice extracts and Niacinamide offers a natural brightening effect for pure, clear skin expressed with radiance. If you wish to buy this product in India, buy Romand Makeup and Cosmetics from Bellevous. We are both available offline and online for all your beauty needs.

6. Rom&nd Glasting Water Gloss

Glossy lips will always be in vogue, but it's not too shimmery but rather glossy lips with a moderate amount of sparkling glitter in just one touch. Rom&nd Glasting Water Gloss is for effortless yet non-sticky glossy lips, Romand's Glasting Water Tint offers a plumping formula enriched with sweet almond extract for added hydration and is available in three shades. Maximize the glossy effect on your lips with Bellevous.

Explore the magic of Saerom Min, the creator of Romand, also known as Gaeko, of the popular beauty blog Gaeko's Open Studio, for all your looks. It's not just for festive occasions; Romand is also for your daily looks. If you wish to buy Romand Makeup and Cosmetics in India, you may do so from our K beauty store, Bellevous. We provide free delivery across India. So! Go on shopping for Romand for your D-day to the utmost satisfaction.